Welcome !   My name is Chris Alden, owner and operator of Alden PC Concepts which deals with computer, laptop, video game console repair services in the Bristol county area.  I've been working on computers, laptops and video game consoles since I was out of college (over 25 years).  I'm an experienced A+ certified technician that is also certified with Toshiba, DELL, Compaq, IBM, Lenovo and others.  I am a one man operation, not affiliated with any corporation.  Unless I am repairing a unit on-site, I do all of the work from my workshop.   I want all of my customers to have a great experience when doing business with me.  I understand when something goes wrong with your computer, laptop or video game console, you want it fixed ASAP.  Because of that, I do my very best to get your system back on your desk in the shortest amount of time.  I will respond to your emails as quickly as possible which I check  throughout the day.  For immediate answers to your questions, please give me a call at 508 822 9823.  If I do not answer when you call,  Please leave as detailed of a message as you can and I will be in contact with you A.S.A.P.  Just like your computer, laptop or video game console is important to you, your business is very important to me!  I would like to thank all of my customers for their support and recommendations, as always I found that "word of mouth" is the best compliment I can get!


Alden PC Concepts offers a wide-range of computer services for PC, Laptop, Tablet and Video Game console users in the Bristol County, Taunton , Raynham area.  I can help you with software and hardware installs, Broken LCD replacements, Virus removals,   system upgrades, Backing up & recovering user data, Installing operating systems & computer consulting.  I also repair & service PS3,  XBOX 360, Handhelds, and other video game consoles and can customize them to run cooler or swap to a bigger hard drive!    Keep in mind that these are not all of the services I offer.   If you have a special project or need help with something that is not listed,  feel free to CONTACT me and we can discuss your needs.


Shop around and you will find that my service prices are much better than the competition.    If you take your computer to one of the big corporate stores, you're taking a chance of being without your computer for days or weeks because they send it out to be repaired.  Bring your desktop or laptop computer in to me for repair and I will have your PC back in your hands, most times within 48 hours depending if parts are needed to be ordered which take 2 to 4 Business days!

If your desktop or laptop computer has become infected with a virus, is outdated, has stopped running or just doesn't perform well anymore, then you need a qualified computer repair technician.  Have you been looking for an honest and reliable PC repair & diagnostic service with prices that won't break your wallet?  Alden PC Concepts Computer Repair has very competitive prices and offers repair service in the Taunton, Bristol County area. You can bring your desktop, laptop, or video game console to me or if needed I can pick up your computer, do the work and then return it once it is finished.


If your computer is slow and outdated, you may want to consider getting your computer parts upgraded.  I can upgrade your computer or build you a brand new blazing fast computer for less than what you would pay at a store.  So, whether you're needing something inexpensive like extra RAM memory, CPU upgrade or you want to go big and get a custom built computer, Alden PC Concepts is the right place to save you money.  Regardless of what type of computer related services you may need, you can always count on Alden PC Concepts computer repair to be there for you when you need it the most.  If you have any questions, please contact me by EMAIL or phone.


A virus, spyware, adware, junk files, or malware can infect your computer causing significant slow down, data loss and sometimes a failure to start up correctly, if at all.  Some of these files are easily removed, others hang on for dear life or leave others in their place and can cause damage to your operating system if not removed correctly and entirely.  Alden PC Concepts can remove the virus or infections for you and have your computer back to you within 24 hours for less than $100.  At last check, Best Buy's Geek Squad will charge at minimum, $150 for the same service with no guarantee.  Also, I always ask what important files need to be backed before the process is done !


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